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Baby Carrier taggie suck pad *Ewenique Custom*
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Customizable: $35.00-$54.00

Price: $35.00

Baautifully made by me for ewe! I can help you select your fabrics making this a ewenique OOAK for your baby, ewe can even custom your suck pads to match your carrier! Select from a wide range of fabrics including Organic Cotton and flanelette. Visit Baby & Ewe on Facebook to view the wide range of available fabrics or give me an idea of what you are after & I will send you photos of a couple of ideas then we can go from there.
Please allow up to a week for your ewenique handmade custom order to be completed & posted.


·     Free Shipping!

·     Absorbent 100% Bamboo middle layer

·     Made to perfectly cover the straps on many Soft-Structured Baby Carriers (SSC’s) & Mei Tai’s

·     Versatile & popular- Designed to offer baby an alternative to suck & chew on when being carried

·     Fully reversible, 2 in 1- made using two different, coordinating fabrics on each side

·     Bright, fun and textured taggies, all securely triple stitched

·     Able to use the taggie loops to attach your keepsafe toystraps

·     Snap closure- no awful, scratchy Velcro

·     Machine washable- protects your baby carrier

·     Designed and handmade by me for ewe!

I created these when our first born was a baby, out of necessity, as a frustrated baby wearing mum!
I quickly realised that I couldn’t live without my baby carrier while it was washed/dried after every short walk we took. Without fail, the straps on my Ergo would always be sucked on and completely soaked through with drool! Another two babies later, these are still the perfect solution for us and have protected our baby carriers every day, brightened them up and given our bubs something to play with and enjoy. These remain as one of my most popular handmade items.

My suck pads consist of a three layer construction.  They have an absorbent 100% bamboo middle layer to keep your baby carrier safe and dry from drool and unnecessary washing which also helps extend your carrier’s life and resale value! They also have
two outer layers of 100% cotton (or 100% organic cotton, flannelette, woven wrap fabrics, minky - as specified).
Each set are made with different, coordinating fabrics on both sides for two different looks. Unsnap to remove then flip over for a fresh new look on your carrier in seconds! 


The taggies are all triple stitched for strength and safety and all of my suck pads are turned and top stitched for durability and giving them a neat, professional finish. 
The taggies are individually chosen for their brightly coordinating colours, patterns and/or varying textures to provide loads of stimulating, fun and tactile enjoyment for your baby.
The taggies also double as a handy loop, great for snapping your
keepsafe toystrap onto and keeping your baby's comforter or favourite toy such as Sophie the Giraffe safe. These are a great addition and a must-have when baby wearing to prevent comforters and toys from constantly being dropped, dirtied or left behind and lost. As an added bonus, they save you from having to constantly squat down to pick dropped toys up!

**Add a keepsafe toystrap to your order for $7 (normally $10, save $3)**
**Add TWO keepsafe toystraps to your order for $12 (normally $20, save $6)**

Back when I first designed these suck pads for my Ergo it was because I could only find thin, boring suck pads all of which seemed to have a velcro closure! I hate velcro and certainly didn’t want it scratching my baby or catching on my carrier (oh the way it seems to always catch, snag and pull on everything in the wash!)
So, I decided to create my suck pads with a snap closure. Made using professionally applied, high quality
polyresin KAM snaps which have been tested for harmful substances and comply with CPSIA regulations certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

My suck pads fit on all of the following drool-worthy Soft-Structured Baby Carriers (SSC’s) plus many more quality optimal baby carriers including all Mei Tai style carriers:
Angelpack, Babies in Space, BabyHawk, Bamberoo, Beco, Beetlebums, Belloborn, Boba, Emeibaby, Ergo, Jumpsac baby, Kinderpack, LILLEBaby, Maddimoo, Manduca, Mei Tai, Obimama, Olives & Applesauce, Onya Baby, Pognae, Snuggbaby, Tula, Wompat and more!
If your straps are wider than 4 inches please contact me for a custom made pair. To measure your straps, press the foam firmly down to get an accurate width measurement.

Most fabrics are also available for you to have other items from my ‘Baautiful & Ewenique Handmade’ custom category made to create a matching set. Items include: Keepsafe toystraps, textured taggies, mini mei tai’s and car/pram harness covers. Contact me to confirm fabric availability.

I know you'll love these, as will your baby!
Wishing ewe many happy baby wearing adventures together,
xx Kita

Care Instructions: Machine washable. Wash on gentle cycle (or in a delicate wash bag) with cold water, like colours and a mild detergent. Line dry in shade. Cool iron if required but avoid the ribbons and DO NOT iron on or near the snaps, trust me, they will melt!
All fabrics used have been prewashed/shrunk using hot water and no detergents.

Baby & Ewe® Baby Carrier suck pads for Soft-Structured Baby Carriers & Mei Tai. Design © Baby & Ewe® 2012-2016 All Rights Reserved.

To add one keepsafe toystrap to your order for just $7, select which style you’d like and also select the ‘no thank ewe’ option for two straps.
To add TWO keepsafe toystraps to your order for $12, select which style you’d like and also select the ‘no thank ewe’ option for one strap.
If you’d like two different keepsafe toystraps colours please specify these at checkout.

Add Custom Product Options for:
Baby Carrier taggie suck pad *Ewenique Custom*
Keepsafe Strap - 30% off Aqua + black spot -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 19)
Black + white spots -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 23)
Chocolate + pink spots -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 13)
Pink, white + thin green stripe -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 13)
Ruby + white spot -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 10)
Deep Blue -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 6)
Purple, pink + yellow stripe -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 15)
Sunflower + white spots -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 10)
Turquoise, pink + choc stripe -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 12)
Pink + black spot -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 22)
Rainbow -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 26)
Raspberry -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 12)
Pink + white spots -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 51)
Sunset Stripe -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 3)
Hot Pink -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 10)
Amethyst -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 34)
Turquoise -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 57)
Black + white stitching -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 69)
Baby pink + chocolate stripe -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 37)
Green + blue spots -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 15)
Pink, green + black stripe -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 16)
Ruby Red -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 10)
Multi Stripe -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 10)
Sunflower -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 10)
Deep Blue + white spots -- $7.00, (Avail Qty: 10)
Two Keepsafe Straps - 40% off Aqua with Black spots -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 2)
Black with White spots -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 2)
Chocolate with pink spots -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 6)
Candy Stripe -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 8)
Deep Blue -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 4)
Girly Stripe -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 8)
Pastel Stripes -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 6)
Pink with Black spots -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 6)
Somewhere over the... -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 3)
Raspberry -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 8)
Spots on Striking pink -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 4)
Sunset Stripe -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 4)
Tickled Pink -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 6)
Amethyst -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 5)
Turquoise -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 5)
Black with White stitching -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 5)
Dusty pink & chocolate -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 5)
Green with Blue spots -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 4)
Toffee Apple Stripe -- $12.00, (Avail Qty: 4)
Two different styles, specify at checkout -- $12.00

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